Will “Greyhound” Be Released On Dvd?


The release of movies on DVD has been a matter of great interest for film enthusiasts, especially when it comes to highly anticipated films like “Greyhound.” Directed by Aaron Schneider and starring Tom Hanks, “Greyhound” is a World War II naval drama that was released in 2020. The film received positive reviews for its intense action sequences and Tom Hanks’ stellar performance. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the film had a unique release on the streaming platform Apple TV+ instead of a traditional theatrical release, leaving many fans wondering if and when it would be available on DVD.

The Current Situation

As of now, “Greyhound” has not been officially released on DVD. The decision to release a movie on DVD involves various factors such as distribution rights, marketing strategies, and revenue considerations. With the rise of streaming services, the landscape of home entertainment has undergone significant changes, leading some studios to prioritize digital releases over physical media. This shift has left fans uncertain about the future availability of certain films on DVD.

Factors Influencing DVD Release

The decision to release a film on DVD depends on several key factors:

streaming exclusivity

Many films, including “Greyhound,” have initially premiered on streaming platforms with exclusive distribution deals. These agreements often include a window of exclusivity during which the film cannot be released on other platforms or formats. Once this period expires, the possibility of a DVD release becomes more viable.

studio strategies

Studios often evaluate the financial viability of releasing a film on DVD based on its box office performance and streaming viewership. High box office earnings and strong viewer numbers on streaming platforms can indicate a strong demand for the film on DVD, making it more likely to receive a physical release.

Market Demand

The demand for physical media, particularly DVDs, has declined in recent years with the growing popularity of streaming. Studios may assess the market demand for a film on DVD before committing to a physical release. For highly acclaimed and popular films like “Greyhound,” there may still be a substantial audience interested in owning a physical copy.

The Outlook for “Greyhound

Given the film’s critical acclaim and the enduring popularity of war dramas, there is a strong possibility that “Greyhound” will eventually be released on DVD. The film’s star power, compelling storyline, and impressive visual effects make it an attractive prospect for fans who prefer collecting physical copies of their favorite movies.

Additionally, the appeal of special features, behind-the-scenes content, and exclusive bonus material on DVDs can further incentivize studios to pursue a physical release for films like “Greyhound.” These extras often enhance the overall viewing experience and provide additional value to consumers.


While the precise timeline for “greyhound” to be released on dvd remains uncertain, the film’s widespread acclaim and enduring appeal make it a strong candidate for a physical release. as fans eagerly await the opportunity to add “greyhound” to their dvd collections, the ongoing shifts in the entertainment industry continue to influence the availability of films on different formats.

The potential dvd release of “greyhound” holds promise for those who appreciate the tangible experience of owning physical media, complete with the added value of exclusive bonus content and special features.

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