Why Does Bloodhound Hate Pathfinder


Bloodhound and Pathfinder are both popular characters in the game Apex Legends, known for their unique abilities and playstyles. While they may seem like a formidable duo, there is an underlying tension between the two. In this article, we will delve into the reasons why Bloodhound harbors a strong dislike for Pathfinder.

  1. Competing Personalities

One of the main reasons behind the conflict between Bloodhound and Pathfinder lies in their differing personalities. Bloodhound is a mysterious and serious character, driven by the pursuit of truth and justice. On the other hand, Pathfinder is an optimistic and cheerful robot, often seen cracking jokes and lightening the mood.

Bloodhound’s serious demeanor clashes with Pathfinder’s playful nature, creating friction between them. Bloodhound sees Pathfinder as a distraction and believes that their lightheartedness can hinder their common goals. This fundamental difference in approach leads to an underlying animosity.

  1. Trust Issues

Another factor contributing to Bloodhound’s disdain for Pathfinder is trust issues. Bloodhound is deeply committed to their mission and values loyalty above all else. They are wary of anyone who appears too friendly or carefree, suspecting hidden motives or potential betrayals.

Pathfinder’s friendly disposition and unpredictable behavior make Bloodhound question their trustworthiness. Bloodhound prefers working with individuals they perceive as serious and focused, leading to a strained relationship with Pathfinder.

  1. Different Approaches to Bounty Hunting

As skilled bounty hunters, Bloodhound and Pathfinder have different methods and approaches to tracking down targets. Bloodhound relies heavily on their acute senses and intuition, while Pathfinder uses their mobility and scouting abilities to gather intel.

Bloodhound considers their approach to be more traditional and disciplined, while they view Pathfinder’s methods as haphazard and unreliable. This clash in approaches creates a rift, as Bloodhound believes that Pathfinder’s unorthodox tactics put the success of their missions at risk.

  1. Past Incidents

There have been instances where Bloodhound and Pathfinder’s conflicting personalities and approaches have caused actual problems during missions. These incidents have further fueled Bloodhound’s resentment towards Pathfinder.

For example, while in pursuit of a high-value target, pathfinder’s excessive chatter drew attention to their location, jeopardizing the mission’s success. bloodhound believes that pathfinder’s lack of seriousness and attention to detail led to unnecessary risks and compromised their work.

The strained relationship between bloodhound and pathfinder in Apex Legends can be attributed to their competing personalities, trust issues, differing approaches to bounty hunting, and past incidents. despite their differences, both characters remain integral to the game, each bringing their unique strengths and weaknesses to the battlefield.

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