Where Are Basenji Dogs From?


Basenji dogs, also known as the “barkless dog” due to their unusual vocalizations, have a rich history that dates back thousands of years. They are believed to have originated in central Africa, in the region that encompasses present-day Congo, Sudan, and South Sudan.

Ancient Origins

The exact origins of Basenji dogs are difficult to pinpoint, as they were developed over thousands of years by various African tribes. However, archaeological evidence suggests that they may have been one of the first breeds to be domesticated by humans.

In ancient Egyptian tombs, there are depictions of dogs that closely resemble Basenjis, indicating that they were held in high regard by the ancient Egyptians. The pharaohs even bred them as hunting companions, and some mummified Basenjis have been found buried with their owners.


Basenjis are small to medium-sized dogs, weighing between 22-24 pounds and standing 16-17 inches tall. They have short, fine coats that come in a variety of colors, including black, brindle, and red. Their most distinctive feature, however, is their tightly curled tail and wrinkled forehead.

Basenjis are known for their high energy and intelligence, and they require plenty of exercise and stimulation to keep them happy and healthy. While they are affectionate with their owners, they can sometimes be aloof with strangers and other dogs.

Modern-Day Basenjis

Today, Basenjis are still popular in many regions of Africa, where they are used for hunting and as watchdogs. However, they are also beloved pets in many parts of the world, including the United States, Canada, and Europe.

One of the challenges for Basenji owners is their unique vocalizations. Unlike most dogs, Basenjis do not bark, but instead make a range of yodeling and howling sounds. While this can be endearing to some owners, it can be frustrating to others, especially if the dog is left alone for long periods.


Basenjis are a fascinating breed with a rich history that spans thousands of years. from their ancient origins in central Africa to their status as beloved pets around the world, basenjis continue to capture the hearts of dog lovers everywhere. if you are considering adding a basenji to your family, be prepared for a high-energy, intelligent companion with a unique voice and a lot of personality.

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