Why Are Shar Pei Dangerous


The Shar Pei breed of dog is one of the oldest breeds of dog in the world. They were originally bred in China as guard dogs and hunting dogs. This breed is known for their distinctive wrinkled skin and their loyal, independent, and sometimes aggressive nature.

This breed is not for everyone and is not recommended for a first-time pet owner or anyone who is not prepared to handle a dog of this breed. Shar Peis can be dangerous and can cause serious injury if provoked, abused, or mishandled. It is important to understand why they can be dangerous, and what you should do to avoid problems.

First and foremost, Shar Peis are very territorial, and they will defend their property and perceived territory fiercely. They can become aggressive and unruly if provoked, and their powerful jaws and sharp teeth can cause serious injury. It is important to be aware of this and to keep them in a secure area and properly supervised when around strangers.

Second, Shar Peis can be difficult to train, as they are independent, loyal and can be headstrong. This means they can become overly aggressive if they feel threatened, and they may not respond to basic commands. It is important to provide proper obedience training in order to establish a good relationship and ensure their safety.

Third, Shar Peis are strong and have a high prey drive. They are not recommended for homes with other small animals, such as cats, rabbits, and birds, as they will likely try to chase or attack them. It is important to ensure that any other small pets are kept safe and separated from the Shar Pei, for their own safety as well as the safety of the pet in question.

Finally, Shar Peis can be sensitive and possessive of their owners. If they are left alone for too long, they can become frustrated and even destructive. They may begin to bark excessively, chew on furniture or other objects, and attempt to escape. It is important to provide your Shar Pei with regular exercise, mental stimulation, and companionship to keep them happy and content.

Knowing why Shar Peis are dangerous and the steps to take to keep them safe and well-behaved can help to prevent injury and ensure they remain loyal, loving companions. It is important to remember that, while they may be dangerous if provoked or mishandled, a Shar Pei can also be a loyal and loving companion if given the right care and training.

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