When Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Shed


One of the most beloved large breeds of dog, the Bernese Mountain Dog, is known for its beautiful long coat of black, white, and rust. But with beauty comes maintenance, and one of the main concerns for owners of a Bernese Mountain Dog is shedding.

When it comes to how often a Bernese Mountain Dog sheds, it depends on the climate and season. For the most part, they follow the same seasonal shedding patterns as other breeds. In the spring, when the weather starts to warm up, Bernese Mountain Dogs will shed their heavy winter coats to replace it with a lighter and thinner coat to handle the summer months. During this time of the year, you can expect an excess amount of hair around your house. In the fall, when the weather cools off, the Bernese Mountain Dog will grow back its heavier coat for the colder months.

Another factor that affects how much a Bernese Mountain Dog sheds is its diet. Feeding your dog a high-quality diet with plenty of protein and fatty acids helps keep their coat healthy and may reduce the amount of shedding. Additionally, regular grooming can help reduce and manage shedding. This includes brushing the coat once or twice a week to remove dead hair, bathing your dog as needed, and making sure to keep their nails trimmed.

How much a Bernese Mountain Dog sheds also depends on its individual genetics. Some Bernese Mountain Dogs may shed more than others. Other factors that affect shedding include age, lifestyle, and health. Young Bernese Mountain Dogs may shed more than their older counterparts, and dogs that are more active and spend more time outdoors may also shed more than those that are indoors more often. Additionally, Bernese Mountain Dogs that aren’t healthy or don’t have the right diet can shed more than expected.

Shedding is a natural process for all dogs, and it’s important to recognize that Bernese Mountain Dogs shed. While there is no way to stop it, there are ways to manage it and reduce the amount of hair in your home. Having a good diet, regularly grooming your pet, and changing the coat according to the season are good habits to get into to keep shedding to a minimum.

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