Why Were Yorkshire Terriers Bred


The Yorkshire Terrier, or Yorkie, is a small dog breed that was bred in the mid-19th century in Yorkshire, England. These pocket-sized pups have been a popular companion breed ever since. The primary reason they were bred was to hunt and kill rodents to protect clothing mills and woolen mills from being overrun by vermin.

Yorkshire Terriers were originally bred by working-class families for this purpose. These little dogs were adept at chasing down and scaring off rats, mice, and other rodents in the mills. The small size of the Yorkshire Terrier made them especially suited for this job. The breed’s long, silky coat also protected them from bites and scratches and made them look attractive to owners.

The Yorkshire Terrier would also later prove useful to other members of society. With their small size, they served as a companion dog for those who lived in smaller residences, such as in apartments or on boats. Their friendly, social nature made them a good fit for these environments. The breed’s playful and affectionate nature made them excellent playmates for children. They were also favored for their intelligence and trainability, which made them easy to teach tricks and obedience commands.

In addition to its usefulness as a companion and rodent hunter, the Yorkie has also been a popular show dog since its initial introduction to the show ring in the late 19th century. Their small size and good looks made them an attractive addition to the show ring. They quickly rose in popularity and continue to be favored by show dog enthusiasts.

The Yorkshire Terrier’s popularity is still going strong today and they remain a beloved companion breed, show dog, and rodent hunter all around the world. Now more than ever, these pocket-sized pooches are the perfect companion for a wide variety of owners and lifestyles.

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