How Long Dachshund Live


Dachshunds are beloved pooches known for their long, low-slung bodies, short legs, cheerful dispositions, and brave personalities. They’re affectionately known as “wiener dogs” or “sausage dogs” for their characteristic shape. As with any pet, a key question dachshund owners may ask is “how long do dachshunds live” On average, dachshunds can live between 10 and 16 years, although some have been known to reach 20 years of age given good care and lots of love.

Determining the life expectancy of any breed of dog is difficult since several factors come into play. The life expectancy of a dachshund is affected by both its genetic background and its lifestyle. The first and most important factor in determining the life expectancy of a dachshund is its genetic background. As with any species, a dachshund can inherit diseases that can shorten its life expectancy. A dachshund’s average life span is also affected by its lifestyle. A dachshund that is kept indoors, is well-fed, gets plenty of exercise, and is taken to regular veterinary check-ups will generally live longer than a dachshund kept outdoors, has poor nutrition, and gets little exercise or medical attention.

Other factors that can affect the life span of a dachshund include its size, sex, and type. Dachshunds come in three varieties: standard, miniature, and “tweenies” (a mix of the two). The miniature variety is smaller than the standard and has a tendency to live longer. Females tend to outlive males, with the standard female living up to one year longer than the standard male.

Finally, the life expectancy of a dachshund can be affected by the conditions in which it is bred. Dogs that have been bred in puppy mills or are closely related are more likely to have health problems which can lead to a shorter life. Dachshunds that are properly bred and receive appropriate veterinary care can live a long and healthy life.

the average life expectancy of a dachshund is between 10 and 16 years. Factors such as the size, sex, type, and environment in which the dachshund is bred can all affect its life expectancy. To ensure a longer life span, it is important that dachshunds receive proper nutrition, exercise, and medical attention. With a little love and care, dachshunds can live up to 20 years.

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