How Big Bernese Mountain Dog


The Bernese Mountain Dog, also known as the Berner, is a large breed of dog that is known for its beautiful coat and gentle, loyal personality. Originally from the Swiss Alps, Berners were used as guard dogs and to pull carts for farmers. These days, Berners are popular as family pets for their even-tempered nature and loving attitude.

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large breed, typically weighing between 70 and 120 pounds. They have a thick double coat, which is white and black, or white and brown. It is their long, wavy fur that gives them their distinctive look. Berner puppies are especially fluffy when they’re young, but their coats become less thick as they age. The Bernese is a very large dog, standing between 24-28 inches tall at the shoulder.

Like many large breeds, Berners are known for being gentle and loving family pets. They are often gentle with children and loyal to their owners. The Bernese Mountain Dog is an active breed and loves to be outside. They are happiest when they are with their family, and can often be seen running in the yard with their owners or cuddling up in the evenings.

Berners are intelligent and easy to train, although they can be strong-willed and stubborn. They do best when they are given boundaries, and when rewards are given for good behavior. Regular exercise and activities are important for Berners, as they can become bored easily. This can lead to destructive behaviors, such as chewing and digging.

This beautiful breed is dependent on its family and does not do well when left alone for long periods of time. They do best in an environment with people who are around for most of the day. They can also be prone to separation anxiety if left alone too much or if their routine is regularly changed.

Because of their large size and thick coat, Berners can be quite expensive to groom and maintain. They will need regular brushing and bathing in order to keep their coat clean and free of tangles. They also need to be brushed daily to prevent matting, and they should be given regular nail trims.

When you’re looking for a large, loyal companion, the Bernese Mountain Dog is a great choice. With the right training, they make wonderful family pets, and they will always be there to cuddle and watch movies with you. Challenge yourself and embrace the beautiful and majestic Bernese Mountain Dog.

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