Do Australian Shepherd Shed A Lo


The Australian Shepherd is a beloved breed of dog known for its intelligence and loyal nature. But it’s also a breed that sheds–a lot. While all dogs will shed hair to some degree, Australian Shepherds have a heavier coat that needs regular brushing and grooming to prevent the build-up of excessive fur.

To begin, let’s go over why Australian Shepherds shed so much. Much of it has to do with the breed’s double coat. The outer coat is medium-length, coarse, and waterproof, while the undercoat is soft and wooly. This double coat is designed to protect the Australian Shepherd from both hot and cold weather. As the seasons change, the undercoat is shed to adjust to the changing temperature. This shedding can be more extreme during times of the year when the temperatures swing dramatically.

Aussie owners will also find their dogs shedding more during the warmer months of spring and summer. This is due to their seasonal shedding cycle, which occurs annually as the days get longer and the temperatures get warmer. This shedding can be particularly dramatic right after the winter months, when you may find fur forming clouds around your home as your Aussie sheds its winter coat.

If you’re an Australian Shepherd owner, you’ll want to be prepared for a lot of grooming. Brushing your Aussie’s coat every few days can help to reduce the amount of shedding, as it removes the excess fur before it accumulates in your home. A good brush will also help to distribute the natural oils in your Aussie’s coat, which can help to keep the fur healthy and glossy. If you find your Aussie’s shedding is still excessive, it might be a good idea to talk to your vet about supplements or treatments that can reduce the amount of shedding.

While the thought of living with a shedding dog may be daunting, Aussie owners should take comfort in the fact that their breed’s exuberant, loving personality more than makes up for it! With regular grooming and the right attitude, you and your Aussie can have a happy, healthy life together.

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