Doberman With Normal Ears


The Doberman is a sleek and muscular medium-large breed of dog that is known for its intelligence, loyalty, and natural guarding instincts. The Doberman is an excellent guard and protection dog, but it also makes a wonderful family pet if properly socialized and trained. Although most Dobermans are bred with cropped ears, there is an increasingly popular trend for Dobermans with natural, uncropped ears.

The Doberman originated in Germany, and was selectively bred over time by tax collector Louis Doberman in the late 1800s. The original Doberman was a mix of a variety of breeds including Rottweiler, German Pinscher, Greyhound, and Manchester Terrier. The goal was to create a dog that was strong, powerful, and brave – all characteristics that would be beneficial in a tax collector’s job. The breed has since been altered over the years to better suit the desires of breeders and owners.

Doberman ears have traditionally been cropped, which is a process where the ears are surgically removed and then modified for a more alert and upright appearance. The practice is often criticized by animal rights groups, and many parts of Europe have even made ear cropping illegal. As a result, some breeders and owners are now focusing on Dobermans with natural, uncropped ears.

Dobermans with uncropped ears look quite different from the traditional Doberman. The ears are softer, rounder, and hang down instead of pointing straight up. They may even flop over to the side or curl back toward the head. The ears are also not quite as large as those of the cropped variety. Despite the difference in appearance, these dogs are still just as intelligent, loyal, and brave.

The process of owning a Doberman with uncropped ears is pretty much the same as owning a cropped Doberman. The main difference is that natural ears need to be cleaned in order to avoid infection and debris buildup. This is easily done with a cotton swab and a mild cleanser, usually twice a week. Other than that, these dogs still need the same amount of exercise, training, and love as their cropped counterparts.

Dobermans with uncropped ears are becoming more and more popular, particularly with owners who want to avoid the controversy surrounding ear cropping. These dogs are still just as strong, loyal, and brave as their cropped cousins, with the added benefit of being able to express their personality through their ears.

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