Are Mastiff Good Family Dogs


Mastiffs are large, strong and intimidating yet gentle dogs. They are an ancient breed with a long history. They were originally bred for tracking, hunting and guarding livestock. Despite their size, mastiffs are a loyal breed that loves their family and makes a great companion.

Mastiffs are a great family dog. They have a wonderful temperament, making them a good choice for families. They are even-tempered, intelligent and obedient. They are also gentle, patient and protective of their family. They love to play and are great with children.

Mastiffs are relatively low maintenance dogs. They are not excessively active, so they don’t require excessive exercise. They do need weekly walks and a moderate amount of play time to stay healthy. They don’t need much grooming and their short coat needs only brushing and occasional bathing.

Mastiffs are a loyal breed that will always be loyal to the family that adopts them. They are not prone to aggression towards humans and are in fact gentle giants. They are also eager to please, so they can be trained fairly easily. They are also relatively easy to housebreak.

Despite their large size, mastiffs are surprisingly gentle and sensitive dogs. They are incredibly loyal to their family and do not respond well to punishment or harsh corrections. Mastiffs are also not easily bored, so they make good apartment dogs.

mastiffs make great family dogs because of their loyal nature and gentle temperament. They are intelligent and obedient which means they can be trained relatively easily. They are also good with children, low maintenance and relatively easy to house train. Their large size may be intimidating at first, but they are actually gentle giants. With the right care and attention, the mastiff can be a great and loyal companion to any family.

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