Are Cocker Spaniel Hypoallergenic


Are Cocker Spaniels Hypoallergenic

The answer to the question “Are Cocker Spaniels Hypoallergenic?” depends on which type of Cocker Spaniel you have. While no dog is truly hypoallergenic, some Cocker Spaniels are less likely to cause allergic reactions.

Cocker Spaniels, also known as English Cocker Spaniels, American Cocker Spaniels, and Springer Spaniels, are part of the Sporting Group. They were originally bred to hunt and flush small game. These medium-sized dogs have a soft, wavy coat that comes in a variety of colors and is dense enough to resist the cold. Cocker Spaniels love to spend time with their owners and are outgoing, friendly, and loyal.

However, Cocker Spaniels have one potential drawback—they do shed. Normally, this isn’t a major issue for people with allergies—it’s the dander, or flakes of skin and saliva, that usually causes the biggest reactions. So, if you have allergies, it’s important to consider the type of Cocker Spaniel you get.

English Cocker Spaniels, also called show-type Cocker Spaniels, tend to shed a bit more than American Cocker Spaniels, the sporting-type Spaniel. American Cockers are generally smaller and have a thicker coat that does not shed as much. If you have allergies, an American Cocker might be a better option for you, as it’s less likely to trigger a reaction.

It’s also important to remember that the way you groom and care for your Cocker Spaniel can make a difference. Regular brushing and bathing can help keep the dander and shedding to a minimum, thus minimizing the risk of allergic reactions.

To sum up, while no dog is completely hypoallergenic, American Cocker Spaniels tend to cause fewer allergic reactions than other Cocker Spaniels. If you are allergic and do want a Cocker Spaniel, be sure to talk to your doctor, groomer, and breeder to ensure you find the right type of Cocker Spaniel for you.

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