Are Chihuahua Smar


Chihuahuas are known for their loyal and saucy attitude, and many assume that this feisty breed is not as smart as other dog breeds. This assumption could not be further from the truth. Chihuahuas are very smart dogs, although their intelligence is not always obvious.

Chihuahuas are not the easiest breed to train. This is not because they lack intelligence but because of their stubborn streak. They are independent thinkers, and can be prone to distraction. They need consistent, patient training. With the proper training, a Chihuahua can learn many commands, such as roll over, play dead, shake and come on command. Professional trainers have even taught Chihuahuas to do more complex tricks, such as walking on their hind legs, fetching and even skateboarding.

Chihuahuas may not be the most eager to please, but they are very quick to learn. Chihuahuas are also observant and take note of their surroundings. They are good at solving problems, as they can quickly learn how to open doors, remove their collar and even turn on lights. Due to their keen senses and active minds, Chihuahuas often make good watchdogs.

In addition to being smart and crafty, Chihuahuas are also highly empathetic. Chihuahuas are known for being fiercely loyal to their family and show a great deal of affection. They can even detect a change in their owner’s mood and will attempt to comfort them by curling up in their lap or nuzzling their face.

Though their intelligence may not always be obvious, Chihuahuas are intelligent animals. If given the proper training and patience, these saucy dogs can learn and understand many commands, tricks and can show a great deal of empathy. With their loyal and affectionate nature, it’s clear why Chihuahuas make great companions.

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