Are Cairn Terriers Good With Cats


Cairn terriers are a breed of small, but sturdy, terriers that originated in Scotland and are generally considered to be good family dogs. They are a cheerful, active breed, and they love to be around their people. The question many potential dog owners ask is: are cairn terriers good with cats The answer is that, when properly socialized, cairn terriers are typically good with cats.

Cairn terriers are a naturally curious breed. This means that, when first introducing a cairn terrier to a cat, the cairn terrier may display some interest in the cat. This is normal, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that the two cannot get along. In fact, with proper socialization, cairn terriers and cats can become good friends.

It’s important to note that while cairn terriers are typically good with cats, both animals should be supervised while they’re together. A cairn terrier should never be left unsupervised around a cat. This is because cairn terriers have a tendency to be overly active, and they may inadvertently hurt a cat if they aren’t watched.

Another important point to consider is that cats and cairn terriers can have different personalities. Some cats may be more social and playful, while some may be more reserved. The same is true for cairn terriers. Some may love to play and be active, while others may be more laidback. It’s important to take into consideration the personalities of both animals when introducing them to one another.

When owners ensure that their cairn terriers and cats are properly socialized and supervised, the two can get along very well. Cairn terriers can even act as protectors for cats, as they are fiercely loyal and devoted to their humans.

with proper socialization and supervision, cairn terriers can be good with cats. This active, friendly breed can make an excellent addition to any home that includes cats.

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